H E L E N A  K A T E  A M O R 
C O - F O U N D E R  &  A R T I S T I C  D I R E C T O R
E L L E N  W O L F
C O - F O U N D E R  &  A R T I S T I C  D I R E C T O R

Ellen Wolf and Helena Kate Amor are a dancer and designer duo from Switzerland. Both creatives grew up in the foothills of spectacular mountain scenery - far away from urban life and creative hotspots. With their desire to make the impossible happen, Moving Mountains became their philosophy embodied in all of their works.


Influenced by their academic design background, the Swiss and British duo explore ways to connect with people through their artistic dance performances and also move audiences with immersive 360° experiential design. Since the start of their common journey, the two performed in places such as the renowned Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London and at the UNESCO World Heritage Bauhaus Design Festival. Other alternative stages used for their dance experiences include the abandoned NSA Spy Tower in Berlin and the Planetarium in Lucerne, where they joined music producer Robot Koch and Delhia De France on their world tour with the immersive full-dome show „Sphere“.

Both, Helena and Ellen, currently live between the beautiful Swiss Alps and buzzing Berlin, where they focus on providing dance performances, creative direction and experiential design for brands and individuals who seek to enhance their product or project with creative input.


The two movement artists continue to push boundaries and move mountains across boarders and conventions.

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